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NYCC Exclusives – CGC Bound

In a previous post I mentioned that I picked up three of the 2019 NYCC Marvel exclusives while at the show - Ghost Rider 1, Strike Force 1, and House of X 5. Earlier this week, I added another 2019 NYCC exclusive to my collection by purchasing

NYCC 2019: Friday Signings and More

I attended NYCC on Friday only, making the round-trip commute between Albany and Penn Station via Amtrak. Following the short walk to the Javits Center, I joined the masses waiting at one of the Green entrances (Green South I believe) shortly before 10:00 AM. The goal of my

House of X – I’m All In!!!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead I had the good fortune of growing up in the Chris Claremont glory days of the X-Men. In fact, one of the oldest comics still in my collection that I am the original owner of is X-Men 96. Some memories of that epic run stand

CGC Round 1

Turnaround Time, Results, and Takeaways As mentioned in previous posts, I've collected comics since I was a child in the mid-1970's. I'm currently in the process of consolidating my collection, and adding some key issues to it. As part of that process, I have begun submitting some issues to

25 Issue Conan and Kull Lot For Sale

Don't miss this Barbarian Bundle!!! Conan the Barbarian is back at Marvel Comics, not only starring in his own titles, but the Savage Avengers as well. Get caught up on your barbarian history by checking out this lot of 25 Marvel Comics issues featuring Robert E. Howard characters Conan and

Tales of Suspense 52 Giveaway

NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have substituted a coverless Amazing Spider-Man 10 as the prize in this giveaway. Featuring the first appearance of Natasha Romanov - the Black Widow!!! We're giving away a coverless copy of Tales of Suspense 52 to one of our Instagram followers. Maybe

Then and Now with Joe Sinnott

Sometime in 1978, I had the opportunity to attend a small comic book show at the William K. Sanford Library in my hometown of Colonie, NY. I was 10 years old at the time, and attended with my brother and some friends from the neighborhood. The show consisted of a