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Death Metal and the Robin King

Spoilers Below – Particularly in the Vid!!

From a reader’s perspective, Dark Nights: Death Metal so far has offered a wild story, which will definitely affect the future of the DC Universe as teased by the characters discussion of an anti-crisis.

For speculators or first appearance collectors, the draw is definitely the coming of the Robin King, an innately evil child character who will haunt the heroes, and readers, throughout the series.

Pre-release promos suggested that we would first meet the Robin King in issue 2 of the series. I have the series on my pull list at Albany’s Earthworld Comics, so knew that I would get a copy of Cover A, but given the Robin King hype, I also tracked down and ordered a few copies of the Doug Mahnke 1:25 Variant Cover from online sources as inventory for the Collector Syndicate web store that I’m getting ready to launch.

However, even before I read Dark Nights: Death Metal #2, I started hearing that the Robin King in fact did not appear in the issue. A bit of disappointing news, but you can’t win them all!! , I’m still planning to submit the Mahnke 1:25 books to CBCS to pre-grade at 9.8, as the book does feature the transformation of The Batman Who Laughs into the Darkest Knight courtesy of a brain transplant into a Dr. Manhattan corpse.

It is now clear that the Robin King will debut in Death Metal: Legends Of Dark Knights #1 scheduled for release this week. This book is hard to come by from retailers, and already spiking on ebay. Since I have the main series on my pull list, Earthworld advises that I’ll get a copy of this tie-in book. That’s a relief, but until it is in hand I’ll still be feeling a bit of anxiety. I’ve also placed both Cover A and the ratio variant of this issue on some online wish lists, but given the demand for this book, it’s unlikely that I’ll end up with any more copies.

If you want some real spoilers about Death Metal: Legends Of Dark Knights, check out the vid below from Economics in Comics – wild!!!

Given the excitement for the Robin King, I’m also going to pick up a few copies of the one shot (scheduled for an October release) featuring the character. From a re-sale standpoint, we’ll have to see if the character sticks around or is a flash in the pan, limited to the Death Metal event. Given the aforementioned Anti-Crisis teaser, it sounds like DC is not only open to, but inviting new multi-versal concepts and stories, so here’s to hoping that the Robin King will be haunting us for years to come.

Gary Govel
Gary Govel is a life-long fan and collector of comics, with a particular interest in Bronze and Copper Age Keys. He recently launched Collector Syndicate to share his experiences and promote the hobby.

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