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CGC Signature Series Results from TERRIFICON 2019

If you’re wondering why I’m now posting about a comic con from October, I have a couple of excuses. First, I waited to receive Signature Series books signed and submitted at the show back from CGC so I could include pics, results, and discussion. Second, my time was being spent elsewhere, but since I’m largely at home due to the COVID-19 crisis, I have the chance to play catch up.

My son Jacob accompanied me to this show, held at the Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville, CT,giving us a chance to spend some quality time together before he started his freshman year at Binghamton University. We made it a dual purpose trip by attending the John Bellion concert at Mohegan Sun the night before TERRIFICON started. Like many college students across the country, he’s now back home completing his courses remotely due to COVID-19.

John Bellion takes the stage at Mohegan Sun!!

Process, Results, and Discussion

The big draw for us to attend TERRIFICON was to get some books signed by Infinity Gauntlet creators Jim Starlin, Ron Lim, and Joe Rubinstein who would be in attendance. George Perez’ cancellation resulted in me making some adjustments to the non-Infinity books I brought over. With only a few exceptions, my goal was to bring books to get signed by multiple creators. All of the books that I brought to be signed came from my personal collection, and as will be discussed, I am the original owner of all but one. All books were submitted for pressing by CCS prior to grading.

We began our day at TERRIFICON by walking the floor a bit to get some sense of the layout, and locations of the creators we were interested in. We then headed to the CGC booth where there was a lengthy wait to pre-fill paperwork. By the time we we were able to head out with a witness, some of the creators were involved in a panel, so we had to take that into consideration in our game plan. In our first loop out with a CGC witness, we teamed up with a couple who were seeking some of the same signatures that we were.

Following find a pic of each book signed at TERRIFICON , now back from CGC, as well as some discussion of our visit with each creator, and my commentary on the results.

Silver Surfer 34

I bought two copies of this issue, which features the resurrection of Thanos, when it was released in 1990. Nearly 30 years later, I still own both, and picked one to bring to TERRIFICON to be signed by the creators who worked on it. I picked well, as this book came back from CGC graded a 9.8 after being signed by Jim Starlin, Ron Lim, and cover inker Joe Rubinstein. As of March 31, 2020, there only fifteen 9.8 Signature Series copies of this book on the CGC Census. Maybe I’ll look over the other copy to bring to a future show and hope for lightning to strike twice!!

It was a close call for us getting Jim Starlin’s signature on this, and a few of the books that follow, as he announced he was done signing for the day. Since we would only be there one day, he made an exception and signed my books.

Infinity Gauntlet 1

This book was again signed by Starlin, Lim and Rubinstein. While Ron Lim did not work on this particular issue, I added his signature given his well known work on other issues in the series, and the lead-ups in Silver Surfer and Thanos Quest. This book also came back graded a 9.8. While I would love to add George Perez’ signature through a mail-in signing, I won’t risk cracking open this slab jeopardizing the 9.8 grade.

Thanos Quest 1

Graded 9.6 following signature by Starlin and Lim. I will look for the opportunity to add John Beatty’s signature at a future show, and cross my fingers hoping for a bump to 9.8.

Micronauts 8

The first appearance of Captain Universe, graded 8.5 following signature by penciler Michael Golden, inker Bob McLeod, and editor Al Milgrom. Golden had little to say when we saw him. McLeod on the other hand was genuinely enthused to sign it, saying he hadn’t seen the book in a long time, and that he loved the Micronauts.

Al Milgrom also spent some time telling us how Marvel obtained the license for the Micronauts — namely that one of Bill Mantlo’s kids were fans of the toys, resulting in Mantlo bringing the idea forward to Marvel’s leadership.

New Mutants 1

Graded 9.4 following signature by Bob McLeod and Chris Claremont.

X-Men 116

Graded 7.0 following signature by Chris Claremont.

I brought this book for Claremont to sign as I loved this story line as a young comics fan. CGC was offering a private signing with Claremont, but we chose to wait in line and I’m glad I did. I mentioned to Claremont that as a ten-year old reader when this issue came out, I was wowed by Wolverine’s off panel assassination of a sentry in the Savage Land. Claremont responded about how much more impactful leaving what transpired to our imaginations was, rather than showing it.

Avengers Annual 10

This book of course represents the first appearance of Rogue, and a critical moment in the life of the then Ms., now Captain Marvel- Carol Danvers. It came back graded 7.5 following signature by Chris Claremont, Michael Golden, Al Milgrom, and Joe Rubinstein.

I only found out that Rubinstein worked on the book while I was waiting in Al Milgrom’s line. Rubinstein confirmed that he inked a page or two in the book, and commented that of the other inkers who worked on it, Dave Simons passed away, and Armando Gill is incarcerated on a sex offense – not what I expected to learn at a comic con!!

Marvel Feature 1

The first appearance of the Defenders came back graded a 6.5 following signature by cover artist, the legendary Neal Adams. This is the only book I had signed at the show of which I was not the original purchaser. However, I have owned it for 40 years or so. If the opportunity presents itself, I would like to crack this slab and add Roy Thomas’ signature in the future.


Adding in the concert and stops at Chik-Fil-A, Krispy Kreme, & Bobby’s Burger Palace, we had a great time at TERRIFICON. The comic con schedules for 2020 are obviously up in the air. Time will tell if TERRIFICON ‘s August dates will be affected, but if it’s on, we’ll be back!! For info on TERRIFICON , visit:

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