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CBCS Pressing Special

From the CBCS Website:

Use Promo Code : PRESSING20

All Pressing orders submitted in October will have a 12-week TAT! Now is the perfect time to send your comic book pressing submissions to CBCS!

CBCS has invested a lot of resources into our pressing service and we are seeing tremendous results. For orders submitted as of October 1st, the turnaround time for standard tier pressing will be 12 weeks.

Thanks to the high-quality service produced by the CBCS Pressing team, the demand grew exponentially during the second half of 2019 and into early 2020. As word spread of results our customers were receiving, the incredible volume of books being submitted quickly surpassed our capacity, resulting in the turnaround time at CBCS Pressing increasing dramatically.

The current offer of 12-week CBCS Pressing turnaround WILL NOT come at the sacrifice of orders that customers have placed prior to October 1st. All orders that are currently in CBCS Pressing will be completed and in the grading room PRIOR TO any standard tier order being pressed. If your order is currently waiting to be pressed, it will be completed and moved into grading NO LATER than 12 weeks from now.


Submit at least five books for pressing and receive a 20% discount on our pressing service.

Order must be post marked by October 31, 2020

Discount does not include Fast Press or Press Screen services

Pressing promotions CAN BE COMBINED with other CBCS Promotions, unless stated otherwise.

For questions please contact CBCS Customer Service, at or call 844.384.4777 and ask to have your regional sales manager contact you.

Gary Govel
Gary Govel is a life-long fan and collector of comics, with a particular interest in Bronze and Copper Age Keys. He recently launched Collector Syndicate to share his experiences and promote the hobby.