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Joe Sinnott VSP Results

If you have spent some time on this site, you've probably seen the post in which I discuss meeting Joe Sinnott at a comics show

ASM 4 – First Appearance of Silk!!

I've reached an interesting point in the hobby, where I am simultaneously trying to thin out my collection which I have amassed since the mid/late

Comic Con

DC Convention Exclusives

If you are up early this morning, don't miss the opportunity to pick up your copies of DC's 2020 convention exclusives. As of this

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CBCS Pressing Special

From the CBCS Website: Use Promo Code : PRESSING20 All Pressing orders submitted in October will have a 12-week TAT! Now is the perfect time to

CBCS Private Signings Update

In recent months, I've posted about the various private mail-in signings that have emerged this year due to COVID related show cancelations. I've previously